Herb or Garlic bread (Per Slice) | 2.5

Vienna slices drizzled with fresh herbs or Garlic Oil.

Pane di Casa | 2.5

Balsamic Vinegar / Olive oil

Bruschetta (Per Slice) | 3.5

Chopped red ripe tomatoes, with fresh basil, garlic and olive oil, seasoned with a hint of chilli. Served on a slice of Italian Toast.

Carpaccio di Carne | 16.9

Finely sliced raw beef, dressed with olive oil and lemon, topped with shaved parmesan.

Carpaccio di Salmone | 16.9

Finely sliced salmon, drizzled with olive oil and lemon, served with onions, capers and fresh parsley.

Insalata di Mare | 19.9

(Available September- April)

Prawns, squid, mussels & octopus with oil & lemon.

Oysters 1/2 Dozen | 16.9

(Available September- April)

Oysters 1 Dozen | 28.9

(Available September- April)

Soup of the day | 16.9

(Available May - September)

Asparagus | 16.9

In butter sauce & served with parmesan cheese.

Funghi alla Griglia | 16.9

Field mushroom grilled with olive oil & lemon.

Cozze | 19.9

Mussels in a white wine or tomato sauce.

Fiori di Zucchini | 19.9

Zucchini flower with mozzarella & anchovies.

Funghi Trifolati | 19.9

Oyster mushrooms poached chilli & garlic.

Neonata | 19.9

Whitebait fritters.

Scallops | 19.9

Grilled on skewers with cream, pancetta & shallots.

Trippa | 19.9

Tripe served with diced vegetables & tomato.

Frattini Special | 20.9

Spinach & ricotta dumplings in a gorgonzola sauce.

Insalata Mista | 9.5

Mixed leaves tossed with tomatoes, cucumber and carrot, in a combination of oil and vinegar.

Insalata Contadina | 9.5

Tomato, onions, oregano and olive oil.

Rucola | 9.5

Rocket lettuce with parmesan cheese.

Caprese | 16.9

Slices of tomato & bocconcini cheese.

Chips | 7.5

Fresh cut "Home" style chips.

Penne all Arrabiata | 18.9

Chilli and garlic in a tomato sauce.

Agnolotti di Ricotta | 18.9

Bacon and onion in a creamy tomato sauce

Rigatoni Siciliana | 19.9

Eggplant in a tomato sauce.

Fettucini Boscaiola | 19.9

Mushrooms and pancetta in a cream sauce.

Fusilli | 19.9

Pasta spirals with spinach & ricotta.

Fettucini al Ragu | 20.9

Chunks of veal & tomato.

Rigatoni Avocado | 20.9

With prawns in a cream sauce.

Rigatoni Salsicce | 20.9

Italian sausage & tomato

Vegetarian Risotto | 20.9

With spinach, mushrooms, asparagus and broccoli.

Spaghetti Salmone | 20.9

With salmon, caviar & cream.

Spaghetti Marinara | 20.9

Mixed seafood in a tomato sauce.

Risotto Marinara | 20.9

In tomato or white wine sauce.

Spaghetti Neri | 20.9

Black pasta with cuttlefish.

Spaghetti alle Vongole | 20.9

Clams with olive oil & garlic.


*All pasta dishes also served as a main course - $8 extra.

Whole Fish of the Day | Market Price


Calamari alla Griglia | 31.9

Your choice of grilled or crumbed.

Polpi alla Griglia | 31.9

Grilled octopus.

Pesce Spada | 33.9

Swordfish steak, grilled with lemon and olive oil.

Gamberi al Pepe Verde | 33.9

King prawns in green peppercorns and cream.

Gamberi al Sugo | 33.9

King prawns in tomato sauce and chilli.

Spiedini di Gamberi | 33.9

BBQ king prawns.

Scampi alla Griglia | 49.9

Grilled scampi.

Cotoletta alla Milanese | 26.9

Veal schnitzel served with vegetables.

Cervello | 26.9

Crumbed lambs brains panfried with lemon.

Fegato | 26.9

Calf liver pan fried with onions.

Petti di Pollo alla Crema | 28.9

Chicken breast with cream and mushrooms.

Galletto alla Diavola | 28.9

Grilled spatchcock.

Involtini di Pollo | 28.9

Chicken breast filled with spinach & mozzarella.

Vitello Boscaiola | 28.9

Veal, cream, mushrooms and pancetta.

Vitello ai Funghi | 28.9

Veal and mushrooms in white wine.

Vitello alla Parmigiana | 28.9

Veal, eggplant and cheese served in tomato sauce.

Braciole di Vitello alla Griglia | 30.9

Grilled veal filled with herbs, cheese and breadcrumbs served on a skewer.

Costolette di Agnello | 30.9

BBQ lamb cutlets with lemon and olive oil.

Filetto alla Griglia | 30.9

Grilled fillet steak served with vegetables.

Cassata | 11.5

Three flavoured Italian Semi fredo, Chocolate, Vanilla, Candied fruit with a cherry sponge centre drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Crepes | 13.5

Crepe pockets filled with mascarpone cream served with cold strawberry coulis, drizzled with dark chocolate sauce.

Mascarpone | 13.5

Choice of coffee bathed savoiardi biscuits or seasonal berries, layered with marscarpone cream and grated dark chocolate.

Affogato | 12.5

DIY drowning ice cream; vanilla scoop, shot of coffee and a shot of frangelico.

Bigné | 13.5

Profiteroles filled with crema pasticcera, topped with oozy dark chocolate sauce and served with vanilla whipped cream.

Piccolo Bolognaise | 15.5

Spaghetti with traditional veal mince bolognaise sauce.

Piccolo Burro e Formaggio | 13.5

Penne with simple butter and parmesan coating.

Pasta Napoletana | 14.5

Penne in a slow cooked sweet Neapolitan sauce.

Cotolettina alla Milanese | 18.5

Mini Veal or Chicken Schnitzel, served with chips or salad.

Pesciolino Fritto | 19.5

Fish and chips served with hand cut chips or salad.


All Kids Meals come with Scoop of Ice-cream Dessert!

*12 y.o or younger.

Mini Soda’s | 2.5

Coke, Lemonade, Lemon squash, Pink Lemonade.

Mini Juices  | 3.0

Orange Juice or Apple Juice.

Specials of the Day | Ask your waiter for our fresh, hearty, succulent specials.