WHAT WE DO is provide support in coordinating your catered event and put a smile on all your guests’ faces.

Frattini Italian Kitchen can now help in creating a perfect event for your every occasion, making planning easy and with no fuss.

Don’t feel the pressure of locking into a venue or menu. Have the flexibility to mold your own event, with ease and convenience. 


A FAMILY RUN restaurant that prides itself on creating memorable events and food, making people talk for days, Frattini makes you feel that family love in every bite, in the comfort and convenience of your own location.


OUR EXPERIENCE is over 20 years. Frattini is an iconic eatery in the Inner West, renowned for offering the highest quality fresh food and professionalism. Along with the attentiveness and consistency that you would expect if you were to dine at our restaurant in Leichhardt. Frattini is exactly what your looking for to provide a perfect catering experience.


WE SPECIALISE in delicious hearty Italian food to satisfy every requirement, need and budget.

You can now take advantage of our authentic, rustic style new catering service and let all your guests indulge in the flavours of traditional Italian, with a family touch.

The result is a truly satisfying experience.


WE CATER FOR corporate functions, staff lunches, birthday parties, weddings, business launches, wakes and more.

Keep your staff motivated by taking advantage of our yummy lunch boxes. Prepared promptly and deliciously warm, with the luxury of microwavable packaging.


In delicate times of mourning, allow Frattini to take on the responsibility to discreetly cater to all friends and family.

Birthday parties and weddings can be thoroughly enjoyed, with a wide variety of menu options to suit any theme.

Have the luxury of a personalized chef prepare your food, without the price tag.


BEFORE YOU ORDER Many of our products contain or may come into contact with common allergens, including wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, milk, eggs, fish and shellfish. Please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy so that a manager can, at your request, provide you a list of ingredients in your order.

Please contact our catering manager for information on our services, delectable menu and great packages.